Returning $40M over 5-10 years, with an investment of $10M please advise your terms and conditions.

We bring to the market (A) The Electric Car Co Nz Ltd (B)Electromagnetic Pwr Systems Nz Ltd (C) Electric VTOL Fight Systems Nz Ltd (D) For the police a Nikola Tesla alike to the star trek stun gun (E) For the police a devise that immobilizers cars.bikes or the like EG it remotely kills the ignition for both petrol and battery operated vehicles,(F) Utilize bionics to enable blind people or the like to see.(G) Electrogravity devices,Grant Cope has the Knowledge to build said products but not the funds or workshop,I am alike to Nikola Tesla but need a George Westinghouse personality to help get these products to market,

We have chosen TWO out of the above projects,A single seat VTOL electric aircraft using thrust vectoring on a gimbled ac motor that can also free glide, utilizing wing controlled services for landing without thrusters.Executive Summary,most modes of transport are Cars,Bikes,Planes,these constraints are overcome with a revolutionary cheaper quicker more efficient way to transport a person in flight from one place to another,that enormous traffic congestion seen every day a VTOL aircraft would be a solution at a medium size car price

No more utility bills with this system that produces both AC & DC voltages to operate your Home,Boat,Car,or the like and it does not need any external input to make it work.Executive Summary,this is a magnetic flux oscillator that utilises permanent magnets using the magnetic flux to oscillate in a feed back loop which keeps going EG how long does a magnet stick to a fridge(answer)for many years,this is why it will power your home or the like,it is an must be a lot better than solar cells or the like,but the magnets must be put into a flux oscillator feedback loop/

Grant Cope;

35 GIGATONS of carbon is put into the atmosphere per year,This is just dumb,Electromagnetic voltage producing systems will help to solve this problem.Nikola Tesla & Elon Musk are mentors to me, I can utilize there Knowledge to my requirements for the above companies/products .Business plan strategies in DOWNLOADS and requires up to 3000 employees to put together all products


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